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Contribution rates

In 2020 the contribution to AUB is 2,791.00 DKK per full-time employee.

In 2020, the quarterly contribution to AUB per full-time employee is 697.75 DKK. Every 1st and 50th employee is deducted in the calculation of your contribution to AUB.

Contribution to AUB is mandatory for all employees on the Danish labour market and entitles you to apply for reimbursements regarding your trainees.


Your contribution to AUB is based on the ATP contributions that your company has paid for the quarter. For every quarterly contribution of 852.00 DKK to ATP Livslang Pension you must pay a contribution of 697.75 DKK to AUB.

How to pay

ATP collects contributions to AUB, AES, Barsel.dk, FIB and The Danish Labour Market Fund for Posted Workers via Samlet Betaling - a collective payment scheme.

See the company's combined payments

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