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Educational information

In order to calculate your Praktikplads-AUB, it is important that all your employees are registered with the correct level of education.

Your employees can have their educational information corrected if it is incorrect or incomplete. You can ask the employee to:

Your employees can correct their educational information in Praktikplads-AUB if it is incorrect or incomplete. You can ask your employee to:

  • provide information on his/her level of education
  • fill out the power of attorney so that you, as the employer, can provide the information on his/her behalf. Send the power attorney along with documentation for your employee's education - e.g. a diploma.

You can use the link below to send in the documentation. Remember to specify the employee’s civil registration (CPR-)number when you write to us.

What employees are included in the calculation?

Only employees with a vocational education are included in the calculation of your company's Praktikplads-AUB. For a complete list of all recognized vocational educations please click on the link below (the list is only provided in Danish)