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International companies

Foreign companies wishing to provide goods and services in Denmark are liable to pay ATP and must register with Erhvervsstyrelsen (the Danish Business Authority).

How to register your company

You can register your company at the Registration of Foreign Services:

How to report to ATP

  1. You must have a CVR/SE-no. You apply for a CVR/SE-no. by filling out a form at Erhvervsstyrelsen (the Danish Business Authority).
  2. When you have the new CVR/SE-no., contact ATP so you can begin reporting ATP contributions. You have to report DKK 284.00 a month per full-time employee.
  3. Report ATP contributions each quarter using the form you find at the bottom of this page.
  4. When you have reported, ATP will send you a charge which you must pay.

How to pay

Read more about how to pay your ATP Livslang Pension

Report ATP Livslang Pension using a form (in Danish only)


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