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A company is entitled to compensation if the employee receives full or partial salary during the maternity/paternity leave.

It is a condition that:

  • the salary during the maternity/paternity period is higher than the benefit rate from Udbetaling Danmark. As of 2 January 2020, the maternity/paternity benefit rate amounts to DKK 119,05 per hour.
  • the company is entitled to maternity/paternity benefits during the period.
  • the compensation equals the difference between the maternity/paternity benefits and salary up to DKK 186,56 an hour.

Holiday remuneration is included

As of 1 July 2009, the compensation was increased by 12.5 per cent - corresponding to the rate of holiday remuneration.
This results in a maximum compensation of DKK 193,10 per hour - all included.
The hourly rate that we use to calculate compensations is the ordinary A-indkomst (income taxed at source) with deduction of labour market contribution, ATP and pension contribution.

A maximum of 37 hours a week

We will cover compensation for a maximum of 37 hours a week.
In case the employee is working more than one place we divide the total compensation of 37 hours between the two employers.

Automatic payment

You do not have to apply for compensation from Barsel.dk.
Payment is automatically made to the employer based on the application for maternity/paternity benefits from Udbetaling Danmark.
The compensation is deposited into the company's NemKonto and is performed quarterly in arrears.

Compensation at birth

The employer may receive compensation from Barsel.dk for up to:

  • 4 weeks before the expected birth for the mother
  • 2 weeks as an mandatory leave for the mother
  • 2 weeks as a paternity leave for the father
  • 25 weeks as a joint leave that can be divided between the father and the mother.

The 25 weeks of joint leave are used when the mother or the father's employer receives benefit compensation from Udbetaling Danmark.
The right to compensation from Barsel.dk rests with the employer whose employee's leave is first, in time, after the birth.

Compensation in connection with adoption

Barsel.dk normally pays out compensation when an employee is going to adopt a child.
Please contact us for further information:

Apply for maternity/paternity benefits via NemRefusion (in Danish only).


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