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What it costs

The annual contribution for each full-time monthly paid employee is DKK 1,150.00.

You pay for all employees for whom you pay ATP. However, apprentices and trainees under the age of 25 who are registered in the employers’ reimbursement system (AUB) are an exception.

How we calculate your contributions

We calculate your contributions quarterly, taking into account any apprentices and trainees for whom you do not have to pay contributions.
We calculate your contributions based on the ATP contributions that your company has paid for the quarter.
Every time the company pays a full ATP contribution for one quarter of DKK 852.00, the company must pay a quarterly contribution to Barsel.dk of DKK 287.50.

In order to figure out how many full-time employees the company has, we divide the paid ATP contribution by DKK 852.00.
That tells us the number of full-time employees.


ATP contribution paid DKK 2,556.00
Divided by DKK 852.00
Number of full-time employees = 3
The contribution from Barsel.dk is then 3 x DKK 287.50 = DKK 862.50.

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