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Close company

Close the company and discontinue all obligations (for example, VAT, tax [A-skat], etc.)



Before you close a company, you should:

Some companies must also:

Step by step

  1. Click [Start] and select whether you want to use eID for a natural person or eID for a legal person
  2. Select the country that has issued the foreign eID
  3. Fill in contact information (only required when the foreign  eID is used for the first time )
  4. Approve  “Terms of use” and click [Continue]
  5. Search for a company using the CVR number or, possibly, select company under “Your companies”
  6. Click [Change] and select Close company

Once the registration has been finally approved by the Danish Tax Agency, you can obtain a registration certificate at skat.dk. Log in with a TastSelv code and select: Profile> Registration Certificate.

Related digital solutions

Close production units (p-enheder) in the productionunit solution.

Limited liabilitycompanies (ApS, IVS, A/S, etc.) must edit and close administrative units (VAT [SE] numbers) with a form.

Contact Customer Centre

Customer Centre of the Danish Business Authority

Phone: +45 72200030

We are open:

Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 16:00,
Friday 9:00-15:00.

Write to Customer Centre of the Danish Business Authority.

Follow your case

Most registrations are completed automatically within a few hours, but some cases must undergo  manual processing.

Follow your case and see our current processing times.