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Edit company

Correct information in CVR. Register or unregister the company for VAT, import/export, payroll or as an employer. Create or unregister administrative VAT number, report merger/split, register ownership or protect the company against advertisements.


Additional info

You can register a large number of changes to an already registered company, such as correcting the company name, change the address or register the company as an employer.

You can always see what information is registered about your company in CVR at Virk.

Certain changes in the public and private limited company, limited liability company, entrepreneurial company and other types of limited liability company entail a fee.

Step by step

  1. Click [Start] and select whether you want to use eID for a natural person or eID for a legal person
  2. Select the country that has issued the eID
  3. Fill in contact information (only required when the foreign eID is used for the first time )
  4. Approve “Terms of use” and click [Continue]
  5. Search for a company using the CVR number or, possibly, select the company under “Your companies”
  6. Click [Change] and select Change/Edit company
  7. Once the registration is completed, we will send a receipt by email.

Contact Customer Centre

Customer Centre of the Danish Business Authority

Phone: +45 72200030

We are open:

Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 16:00,
Friday 9:00-15:00.

Write to Customer Centre of the Danish Business Authority.

Follow your case

Most registrations are completed automatically within a few hours, but some cases must undergo  manual processing.

Follow your case and see our current processing times.