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Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT)

Use this site to register a service for foreign businesses/companies in the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT).


Additional info

The Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT) is the Danish government's official register to report a foreign service. Foreign service providers (employees and self-employed) working in Denmark must register in RUT. If you have not registered a service before, you should start by setting up a user account. Click on the 'Start' icon or log in with a digital signature or NemID employee signature.

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Public services in RUT

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Step by step

You have to set up a user account before you can register a service in RUT.

Always use the same user account when you register a service.

  1. Log in on the 'Start' icon or by using a digital signature/NemID employee signature
  2. Click on the 'Register new' icon
  3. Enter and approve the information.

For more help, click here.


It is your responsiblity as an employer to ensure that the details in RUT are correct.

This includes:

  • Workplace
  • Period
  • The person(s) performing the work.

Please note: inadequate information entered in RUT is punishable by fines.

Please contact the Danish Working Environment Authority on: +45 70 12 12 88 or at@at.dk, if you have any questions.

Danish Business Authority

Phone: +45 72 20 00 36

Monday to Thursday 08:30-16:00,
Friday 09:00-15:00.

If available, please have your RUT number ready.

Write the Danish Business Authority's Customercenter.