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The Danish ETS registry – Open a compliance account

If your company is covered by the greenhouse gas emission allowance scheme, you are required to set up an operator holding account or an aircraft operator holding account in the Danish ETS registry.



  • A completed and signed form to open a compliance account.
  • Copy of Power of Attorney, if there is one
  • Copy of provisions regulating the power to bind If the information is not indicated in the Danish Business Register (CVR), If not, the list of board of directors and management shall also be sent in.
  • Documentation of company address, if the information is not already indicated in the CVR
  • A verified og legalised copy of passports or ID for a minimum of two authorised representatives for the account, unless the nominated representatives are already registered in the Danish ETS registry. Find more information in the guideline.
  • A verified or legalised criminal record if the record does not come from the Danish police.
  • A verified or legalised documentation of the home address of the nominated representatives if residing outside of Denmark.

Additional info

It is only possible to open and operator holding account or an aircraft operator holding account when the Danish Energy Agency has issued a surveillance or emission plan.

Only one form is to be filled out in order to apply for an account opening.

It is necessary to nominate at least two account representatives to open an account.

Step by step

  1. Click on [Start]
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Send the form

We will receive your application immediately after it has been sent.

  • Account representatives With a Danish CPR number and a NEM-id needs to approve that we receive criminal records from the Danish police. The police will send a notice for approval to their personal e-boks.
  • The nominated account representatives will receive an e-mail with guidance on how to sign in to the ETS-registry.
  • When we have approved the documentation and the account representatives have signed up in the ETS-registry, we will open the account and send an e-mail to all the account representatives as well as the company informing that the account is now open. If the company is registered in the Danish CVR-registry, we will also send the e-mail to the company’s digital mailbox.



Phone: 72 20 00 38

We are open:
Monday - Thursday 8:30-16:00,
Friday 9:00-15:00.

E-mail: co2register@erst.dk

Read about Emergency phone - Only to be used in critical cases.