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Application form for AIFM established in a third country, with permission to manage EU AIFs, to market shares or units of EU AIFs in Denmark

Alternative investment fund managers from a non-EU country intending to market an alternative in-vestment fund established in an EU country to professional investors in Denmark must apply for a license with the Danish FSA.



  • Documentation that the AIFM is authorised to manage EU AIFs according to Directive
  • 2011/61/EU if the AIFM is domiciled within EU/EEA
  • Program of operations identifying the EU AIF the AIFM intends to market in Denmark
  • he latest version of the fund rules or instruments of incorporation
  • The latest published annual report and any subsequent half-yearly report
  • A statement from the supervisory authorities of the EU AIF to the effect that the home country is prepared to grant similar Danish AIFs access to market their units or shares in the country in question
  • Information on whether or not the EU AIF is allowed to market its shares or units towards the public in its home country; information the EU AIF is required to provide for its investors according to the regulation of its home country, including the information the EU AIF is required to provide if it ceases marketing in Denmark
  • Other information the EU AIF is obligated to publish in its home country




Additional info


Alternative investment fund managers who market alternative investment funds in Denmark are subject to the fee in accordance with Chapter 22 of the Danish Financial Business Act.


A fund manager must pay the following:

  • An annual base fee of DKK 2.000 in 2004 prices for each alternative investment fund
  • An annual base fee of DKK 2.000 in 2004 prices for each compartment/sub-fund that is marketed in Denmark

The fees are adjusted on a yearly basis. For more information regarding the fees and current fee levels please see: https://www.dfsa.dk/en/About-us/Tasks-of-the-Danish-FSA/Payment-of-fees

Step by step

1. Complete and obtain the relevant attachments to be attached to your application.

2. Click [Start]

3. Accept the terms and click [Continue]

4. Review the different parts of the application

5. Submit application. Please note that the application cannot be submitted unless all required fields are completed and all relevant documents are attached

6. The Danish FSA will contact you in connection with the processing of your case

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority – Office of Investor Protection


Phone: +45 33558282